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GNOME Event Planning

These may be just icons but in reality it symbolizes all the things you need to worry about when planning an event. Don't get bogged down with catering, entertainment, marketing and logistics. Let GNOME Event Planning take the reigns and provide you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. Our budget friendly services are available to you right now!


GNOME Graphic Design

GNOME Promotions offers a wide range of graphic design options for every event imaginable. Corporate gatherings, family outings, birthday parties, baby or bridal announcements, you name it! We can assemble an amazing event flyer, brochure or poster to make your event come to life. Contact us today for estimates and deadlines.

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If you cannot identify 75 percent of the icons to the left then there is a good chance you are missing out on potential sales and revenue opportunities. GNOME Promotions will find the right social media fit for your business and help build and develop your brand over the outlet that fits your business goals. Spend less time wondering where the next sale will come from and more time delivering quality content, merchandise and service!

GNOME Small Business Coaching

GNOME Promotions is a small business solutions company located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. We provide our clients with a wide range of consultation options focused on building their brand through business and online networking, organized community functions and old fashioned "pavement pounding".

For instance, when looking for advice on what to purchase, a brand’s ad isn’t the first place to go. Now, millennials seek opinions from friends, families, or even strangers. Brands will need to bridge the trust gap with engaging, relevant content and a special emphasis on user-generated content.

GNOME Promotions will bring your brand up to speed with total social media relevance and revenue generating sales tactics that will not only build your brand but grow your capital.

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