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If you are in search of a podcast that has the ability to inspire you to get fit, unlock the secrets to financial success, and make you more popular than a Kardashian, then look somewhere else.   Dr. D,Rocky , and Erin are not here to educate, advise, solicit, illuminate, instruct, coach, counsel, advise, recommend, inform, or advocate in any way. However, they are here to give their meaningless opinion on various topics. Assisted by their research and IT department head, Bryan the Tech Guy,Dr. D,Rocky , and Erin pontificate on the questions that have plagued mankind for centuries. Questions like who are the Top 5 TV Dads, or what are the Top 5 Best Diner Foods? So, take a break from the daily grind and listen in as the boys discuss their choices for this week’s topics. The show has been written up in 201 Magazine and can be found every month at newjerseystage.com. Follow them daily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to the podcast on their YouTube channel and iTunes.

Sitting Down With Stand Ups

Your Hosts


Dr. D


The favorite son of Clare and Ron DeBlasio, this native of Teaneck NJ has been a legend on the professional Trivial Pursuit circuit since 1994. His innate ability for trivia knowledge was first noticed when he was eleven years old. While most of his friends were stealing their dad’s Playboy magazines, Dr. D was stealing Encyclopedia Britanicas and locking himself in the bathroom for hours at a time. Now, a professional teacher and stand-up comedian, Dr. D can be seen performing in the NYC area and while not on stage, he still enjoys his bathroom time.



During the Great Hoboken Exodus of 1974, Rocky settled in Cliffside Park, the place he will always call home. Growing up on the mean streets of Cliffside Park was not easy. However, Rocky found immediate acceptance when he was able to crack the starting line-up of Bryan the Tech Guys 2nd street stickball team. It was during those heated games where Rocky learned the mental toughness and competitive spirit that allows him to tolerate and accept his podcast partner Dr. D. despite his curmudgeonly attitude. During his free time, Rocky enjoys hanging out with the intern and creating ways to piss off Dr. D.



Erin Wohlberg is the newest addition to the 2 Guys from Jersey Podcast. Erin, a professional comic who appears all across NJ, met Dr. D while he was loitering around the ladies restroom at a local comedy club. Concerned he was having a stroke, Erin offered Dr. D a napkin to wipe the sweat from his upper lip, and the rest is show history. Erin forged her talent in the white hot kiln of children’s theatre and rock and roll cover bands. Her soothing voice and sharp wit has brought a voice of reason to the podcast along with a dose of deviance. Erin is the mother of two small boys, which makes her more than  qualified to deal with the immature, reptilian brains of Rocky and Dr. D. and put them in their place when need be. Welcome Erin!


Bryan The Tech Guy

Tech Guy

Born and raised in the shadow of the legendary Marburn’s Warehouse in Cliffside Park NJ, Bryan the Tech Guy is the research and technology genius the Two Guys were in search of. Selected out of a pool of tens of applicants, Bryan the Tech Guy was hired mainly because he has a computer and works for free. While not running the research and tech department, Bryan (also known as Mr. International) can be found jet setting across the globe. Thanks to his ability to assimilate to different cultures and his extreme good fortune for marrying way out of his league, Bryan is able to bring the show to the furthest points of world.

The Intern


No information available.


He can be found barking at anything that goes by the house and running in front of anyone trying to get down the stairs.


She is a docile big dog who loves to curl up on Dr. D’s feet while recording the show.

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