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If you are an independent thinker, fearless and open-minded,
this type of portrait may be for you.

This is perfect for authors, performers, artists, entrepreneurs and other types of artists. The moment people see this type of portrait, they will recognize your status as a person with much freedom about your or others’ comfort zone. In fact, most corporate employees wouldn’t use these types of images for fear of getting backlash.  These portraits slightly amplify your idiosyncrasy, so the pictures will still look like you to other people, but you may find the photographs look different from your mental copy of your image. This phenomenon is common even with most conventional, plain head shots, but expect more. By nature, these images are stretching your attitude and exaggerating facial features, so people with a narrow comfort zone will probably feel uneasy with the images for some time, or possibly forever.  Many people don’t like how they look and are overly critical of their facial features. In case of conventional head shots, things like uneven eye openings or tilted lips will show rather faithfully and people may be intensely bothered by those unimportant details that few others will recognize. In character portraits, we may even play up those distinctive features as a part of your character; turn your “flaws” into slightly caricature-like signature features that people feel familiar with.

Service & Pricing

  • 30 Minute Photo Shoot
  • Minimum of 5 unique Headshot Photos via digital file transfer
  • $125.00 per session, payable via PayPal with a major credit/debit card or cash

Studio Locations

  • Bloomfield, NJ
  • New City, NY

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